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Brochure holders put your company information at people’s fingertips.


Let us help you put your ideas into reality. Starting from an idea, or using existing art, we can give your image a boost.


Table Top Displays

This popup has excellent quality, durability and performance The self locking frames with magnets on the hubs and channel bars make for simple setup. Square tubing makes the frame stronger, more stable and reliable. The magnetic channel bars lock in place for simple installation.

Self-aligning magnets on panels create a seamless look. Field repairable frame comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Also available in 'velcro' friendly fabric.


Erect your tradeshow booth in minutes. Magnets on the hubs lock the frame in place. magnets on the channel bars self lock in place to make for simple panel installation and alignment.

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Sizing and Configurations

The most popular sizes of table top displays are the 35 x 76, and the 59.5 x 76 inch.



For a complete list of our specifications, please contact us directly at info@displaysource.ca